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Small Appliance and Big Benefits

Wanted: compact freezer for small kitchen. Don’t worry, these are not rare at all, but you may not find them on prominent display at your local appliance store. The truth of the matter is that big units command big space which commands big attention…in theory.

However, not all of us are looking for a freezer that is better suited to a family the size of the Brady Bunch. If you live in an apartment, big appliances are not at all practical. Also, for those simply looking for a second unit to handle the overflow, a small refrigerator makes much better sense. Why pay an arm and a leg for two full-sized units, when you really only need one big and one small?

Small appliances are easy to transport and more likely to fit in those nooks and corners where you want them. They also use less electricity, allowing you to save money. Small appliances require no more upkeep than their full-sized counterparts, and that work will also take up less of your time.

Appliances this size are also far more portable. Live on the fourth floor of a walk-up? You won’t need four people and suffer significant back strain carting a mini-fridge up to your kitchen. Similarly, when you move or decide to put the unit in another room, it is an easy operation.

Whether you want a second unit for your garage, basement, family room, or game room, check out Danby for apartment size appliances that will suit your needs and design preferences. There are several different colours and styles to choose from, plus all of the information and specifications you need about the number of shelves, product width, depth, and height, and the loading capacity. Units of the size also don’t skimp on features, including auto defrost, tall bottle storage, and more!